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Word of Mouth

She did it! Thank you so much for encouraging her and being such a vital part of her learning process. And more importantly being a true mentor and friend. Thank you so much, Teacher Cliff! We really appreciate you!

Tabitha [Zoe, IB]

When my son was in K2 and he still couldn't read. I frantically searched online for a credible enrichment centre and chanced upon WLC. After a diagnostic assessment with Teacher Winnie, I signed up, on the spot, for my son to attend both English and Maths lessons. It was one of the best decision I had ever made. My son can now read and write confidently. He looks forward to Teacher Winnie's lesson every week.

Sharon [Kai, P2]

Bryan had problems reading. Under Teacher Winnie's guidance, I see improvements not just in his reading but also in the area of grammar and the use of vocabulary. He also attends WLC Maths classes. He is constantly challenged to stretch his Maths understanding. I really appreciate her feedback on Bryan's progress and I'm thankful for her guidance.

Amanda [Bryan P1]

I just want to take a moment to thank you for journeying on with me through my exams. I did well for my Chemistry paper and even finished the paper earlier than expected. I'm very happy with my results. There were many questions on ionic and covalent bonding, and I'm glad you went through them with me throughly before my papers. Thank you, Teacher Cliff.

[Taqi, Sec 4]

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