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(8 years old)

Zach's journey started at four, when he experienced difficulties
in reading and burst into tears when facing math challenges.

But Zach has since become a confident and competent young learner. Follow his journey.

For English

At four, Zach could recognise all the letters of the alphabet, but struggled with their phonetic sounds and blending words.

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A Fluent Reader

With guidance, Zach now reads fluently, and uses power words, idioms, and proverbs, to express different emotions and situations.

A Confident Reader

Zach overcame his inherent shyness and became a confident and sociable student. Teacher Winne not only built his grades, she built him up as a young person with a diligent attitude towards learning.

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For Maths

Zach started off struggling in math. Not only would he get stuck, he often broke into tears of frustration when he couldn't solve a problem.

Constructive & Compassionate Coaching

Teacher Winnie not only taught him to solve problems, but to deal with his emotions when he faced uncertainties. What Zach needed was not just the ability but the confidence to solve (mathematical) problems.

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Bringing out
His Best

Zach has since improved by leaps and bounds. He is able to conquer math problems with confidence, and even when he makes mistakes he grows with them.


Find out how Teacher Winnie can help you too!

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I'm Winnie!

My passion is in teaching
children 4 to 9 years old!

I provide English and Math Enrichment Classes for K1, K2 and Primary Level Students. I enjoy giving children a headstart and the confidence to excel academically. 

If your child is falling behind, I would love to help them close the gap and transition seamlessly to their next academic level!


Your Child Will Learn How To


Transition from
pre-to-primary school seamlessly in English & Maths.


Gain a headstart and confidence to excel academically.


Methods and Material that has guaranteed results with a track record.

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WINNIE’S LEARNING COVE can help take that ‘academic stress’ off your shoulders.


Our ENGLISH AND MATH BOOSTER CLASSES guarantee that your children will be well equip for Primary 1 and beyond.

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✅ Read simple books aloud
✅ Read and retell familiar stories
✅ Know an increasing number of sight words

✅ Decode major sounds in words
✅ Spell and write some words
✅ Speak an average of 2,600 words
✅ Use multi-syllabic words
✅ Can use and understand different tenses, such as past, present and future tense

✅ Know the different types of nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs
✅ Above to use conjunction words to combine sentences
✅ Learn to use articles correctly
✅ Above to write sentences with correct use of punctuations




✅ Identify and spell simple 2D and 3D shapes
✅ Understand Math vocabularies
✅ Number awareness (1 to 100)
✅ Count on and count back
✅ Skip counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s
✅ Learn ones, tens and hundreds
✅ Able to do addition and subtractions with regrouping

✅ Know ordinal numbers
✅ Able to identify complex patterns and sequences of 2 to 3 attributes

✅ Can categorise, classify, or sort objects into groups
✅ Measurement (non-standard and standard units of measurement)
✅ Identify symmetry objects
✅ Able to read graphs
✅ Understand simple fractions and make sense of the data collected

✅ Able to tell the time (hour and half hour), able to count minutes (skip counting 5s)
✅ Understand value of money (count money, cents and dollars) 


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