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Why Choose Us?

We understand the learning challenges and we believe we can help

Tuition is very personal to each student, because we learn at different pace and face different challenges. At WLC, we dig deep to impart understanding in the subjects. We believe that when you truly understand, question difficulties may vary but your child will adapt and eventually deal with the questions confidently.

If you also believe that learning is not just all about drilling papers, speak with us!

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At WLC, we believe that tutoring is more than just helping our students ace their exams; we motivate and prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals in this competitive world.

  •  K2 English & Maths​

  •  P1 to P6 English & Maths

  •  P3 to P6 Science

  •  Sec 1 to 4 E Maths

  •  Sec 3 to 4 A Maths

  •  Sec 1 to 4 Combined Science

  •  Sec 2 to 4 Pure Chemistry

  •  Sec 2 to 4 Pure Physics

  •  JC1/2 Maths H1/H2

  •  JC 1/2 Physics H1/H2

  •  IB Maths HL/SL

  •  IB Physics HL/SL

Contact us today to learn more about the difference we can make.

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What They’re Saying About Us

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Tabitha [Zoe, IB]

She did it! Thank you so much for encouraging her and being such a vital part of her learning process. And more importantly being a true mentor and friend. Thank you so much, Teacher Cliff! We really appreciate you!

Your Education Partners

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Teacher Cliff

NTU B. Eng

He tailors lessons to fit each of his students' unique needs and helps them realise their full academic potential.

Teacher Winnie

UQ B. Comm | QUT M. Bus

She takes a comprehensive and collaborative approach in creating a plan and program that is right for every student. Adjusting to different personalities and specific academic needs, she always finds what works best.

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Get in Touch

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to guarantee each of our students overcomes their academic challenges and achieves their learning goals. Let us know how we can help you.

86 Marine Parade Central, #04-310, Singapore 440086

Teacher Winnie | 9636 1143

Teacher Cliff | 8777 8515

We will get back to you in two days!

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